ASsistant to the CEO

An indispensable asset, making the most of the CEO’s time and effort.

Mulago finds and funds organizations with high-impact solutions for the basic needs of the very poor. We teach an array of remarkable social entrepreneurs how to design for impact and strategize for big scale, then fund them when they’re ready to make it happen. We work closely with them for as long as we fund them, and we put in a lot of effort to get others to fund them too. We spread our ideas by speaking, writing, and teaching in various forums. Everything we do is rooted in deep relationships with those we support, and so we do all we can to be with them where the work happens.

There’s a lot going on. Your primary job will be to make the most of the leader’s time and effort. That starts with getting a thorough and sophisticated sense of what he and the organization are trying to accomplish. That firmly in mind, you’ll manage his schedule, helping to decide priorities and making sure things happen at high quality and on time. You’ll put together and support complex trips to interesting places. You’ll have a ringside seat to conversations with a wide range of social entrepreneurs, funders, thinkers, and doers who meet and collaborate with the CEO—and you’ll make sure something happens as a result. Over time, you’ll become a trusted partner and co-conspirator, making ever more consequential decisions, and taking on more important challenges.


This is an integrative role at the absolute center of Mulago, and as such you’ll have a range of other responsibilities (maybe 30% of your time) that help drive momentum and keep us on track. Our office is a special place that furthers the mission — you’ll lead on keeping it dialed in (it’s mostly on autopilot). You’ll help find and maintain the optimal systems to organize information and facilitate our work (mostly dialed-in already). You’ll do some scheduling and planning for the COO (who’s way more capable and organized than the CEO), and you will be central to the team’s efforts to design and put on high-caliber events.


At Mulago, everybody pitches-in and everybody does a bit of everything. You’ll be that person who notices what’s needed to get done around here and makes sure someone does it. With time, and if you want, you’ll get the chance to apply your talents and proclivities to some needed role of your choosing (your predecessor became our—excellent—communications lead).


This is a great job for someone who loves being amid a swirl of remarkable people and world-changing ideas. We’re looking for a rare bird, though; someone who can work with complex concepts, but takes satisfaction in getting a checklist of stuff done; who likes an active support role that brings out the best work in those around them; who readily grasps the big picture but has a natural focus on detail. We’re asking for a lot; you’re greatly needed and will be hugely appreciated.  


The position is available immediately. The right candidate will be ready to commit to at least 3 years in the role.  

This is a full-time job based in San Francisco. We all (including this role) work at Mulago’s office on Russian Hill in San Francisco, with lots of telecommuting possible. We will not consider a remote hire. 

The salary range for this role is $80,000 - $110,000, based on experience. We’d like to hire at the higher end.

Pay and benefits are competitive, including medical, dental, vision, life, and short term + long term disability insurance, 401K + employer match, unlimited PTO, and more. 

If you think this sounds like a great fit for you, please send us a brief note as to why, along with a resume, to Thanks!