BOMA Project

Our total investment:
$1.9M unrestricted grants
Funded since 2013

Why we invest

Millions of families live in arid, low-productivity lands and are essentially cut off from the modern economy. Few organizations have focused their work on these difficult settings. The BOMA Project works with women in these drought-plagued remote areas to start small shops that sell local staples.  They take the poorest women in pastoralist communities through a proven two-year “graduation out of poverty” program that includes a small seed grant and a lot of training and support.  They deliver the solution directly and they help governments and other NGOs deliver it through a technical assistance model. Rigorous studies show gains in income and savings that buffer the inevitable shocks of drought.  They have the most effective solution we’ve seen in this kind of setting, deliver it at much lower cost than similar groups, and are working hard to get others – NGOs and government – to replicate it.

Our Portfolio