Barbara Chesire

AB Entheos

Big Idea: 
Insurance to mitigate the risks of climate & conservation for vulnerable people

AB Entheos develops insurance and compensation schemes to mitigate the risks of climate and conservation for vulnerable people. They created a platform that makes it easy for beneficiaries to file claims and for AB to verify and evaluate the claims. They also educate communities on how the insurance product works and risk mitigation strategies. They started with human-wildlife conflict in Kenya to fulfill their mission to build a safety net for low-income Africans.

Barbara has worked in the insurance industry in Africa for the last 15 years, with a focus on inclusive insurance and microinsurance as tools for poverty alleviation. She has pioneered several initiatives including design of the first Human-Wildlife Conflict Insurance Scheme and development of ResilientME!, a gamification tool used across Africa to educate smallholder farmers and microentrepreneurs about financial planning and insurance. She is a lover of long-walks, plays the piano(ish) and in another lifetime would have been a better golfer!

Henry Arnhold Fellows