Graden Froese

Nsombou Abalghe-Dzal Association (NADA)

Big Idea: 
Community-led conservation in Gabon

The Nsombou Abalghe-Dzal Association (NADA) works to ensure that the Gabonese people have the rights, support, and enabling conditions to sustainably and equitably govern and manage their ancestral forests. NADA’s approach starts with community research. They catalyze community-determined management of bushmeat hunting and biocultural diversity. NADA has supported the first community in Gabon to formally request conservation status and rights over their lands from the government, and seeks to establish it as a new legal precedent with the potential to transform conservation in Central Africa.

Graden has been based in Gabon since 2016. NADA was founded in 2019 by Gabonese conservation researcher Alex Ebang Mbélé, paraecologists from 20 villages around the town of Makokou, and Graden. He recently completed his PhD on bushmeat hunting and previously conducted tropical ecology and conservation research across the tropics. Graden is from the town of Chemainus: Coast Salish lands and waters on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Henry Arnhold Fellows