James Mitchell


Big Idea: 

BuildX work to replace the use of concrete - a huge CO2 producer - in the building industry with Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). They design and build sustainable CLT buildings to shift the building industry away from carbon-intensive materials and practices in Africa. The first buildings have gone up in Nairobi and they’ve landed partnerships with agroforestry companies to provide the needed supply of certified mass timber that bring the costs down for CLT so that builders can get rich building better while not denuding forests.

James is an architect and serial entrepreneur who grew up in a remote forest in Scotland. Before he launched BuildX in 2016, James co-founded and led a non-profit design-build organization for over a decade. He also co-founded Buildher, which trains Kenyan women in construction skills.

Email: james@buildxstudio.com

Henry Arnhold Fellows