Joann de Zegher


Big Idea: 
Sustainable markets in Indonesia

PemPem is out to end tropical deforestation from commodity agriculture, starting with palm oil in Indonesia. It is a digital platform that increases smallholder farmers’ productivity and profits and creates transparency in commodity supply chains. PemPem aggregates price information, enables in-app payments, and provides financing for unbanked microenterprises and smallholders, and their access to the app is conditional on good farming practices. With the transparency of exactly where farmers source from, buyers can guarantee their supply chain is sustainable.

Prior to founding PemPem, Joann studied and worked on informal production economies across the world for over a decade, including for her PhD at Stanford and during her time as faculty at MIT. Joann grew up in the Belgian countryside and is an avid backcountry skier and globetrotter.

Henry Arnhold Fellows