Krutika Ravishankar

Farmers for Forests

Big Idea: 
Nature-based payments to incentivize climate-smart and biodiversification practices in India

Farmers for Forests makes biodiverse forests financially viable for communities. They help farmers and communities protect standing forests or afforest land. They first incentivize and fund this work via cash transfers to communities. And they increase incomes in the long-term by helping farmers sell forest produce from agroforestry and access carbon revenue.

Krutika has spent over a decade working in rural India and across sectors like the public distribution system, health, agriculture and forests. She’s deeply passionate about wildlife, forests, growing food, rural livelihoods, and financial markets. Before co-founding Farmers for Forests with two of her closest friends, she worked in international development and the equity markets. She studied Economics and Environmental Studies in college and continues to be fascinated with how the two can interact and intersect better.

Henry Arnhold Fellows