Madhur Jain


Big Idea: 
Nature-based payments to incentivize climate-smart practices

Varaha uses nature-based payments to incentivize transitions to climate (and soil) smart practices. Through partners, they train farmers on a suite of practices that both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and will improve productivity in the long-term. Varaha corroborates their emission reduction models with remote monitoring and in-field validation, and then distributes payments to farmers.

Madhur is an intrapreneur-turned-entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience building agriculture enterprises. Prior to co-founding Varaha with his wife Ankita, he served as the founding India Country Director at Precision Development and as the founding Digital Business Head (India) for one of the world’s most valued climate/ag tech ventures. Madhur was born and raised in the lap of Himalayas, and has always been in awe of nature.

Henry Arnhold Fellows