Paul Salaman

Rainforest Trust

Big Idea: 

Too often, local organizations know how to protect threatened ecosystems but don’t have the resources they need to make it happen. Rainforest Trust finds and invests in excellent local organizations to protect the world’s tropical forests and wildlife. Together with these partners, they purchase land, establish and manage large reserves, and secure land title for Indigenous Peoples that live in and around high-priority sites. They have protected millions of acres of forest.

At the age of eight, Paul met Sir David Attenborough and became enthralled by conservation. In his teens, he managed a small nature reserve in London. He went on to establish Fundación ProAves and a network of 20+ private nature reserves and joined Conservation International to coordinate biodiversity science in the Tropical Andes. Paul got his Doctorate from the University of Oxford, with a post-doctoral fellowship at The Natural History Museum.

Henry Arnhold Fellows