Tasso Azevedo


Big Idea: 
Precision land use and cover maps across the Amazon and Indonesia

MapBiomas protects some of the world’s most important tropical habitats by building a network and a hyper-collaborative platform that produces precision land use and cover maps. They form a network of conservation NGOs and scientific organizations that are fighting against illegal changes in land use. Then, they teach this network how to access data from the Google Earth Engine and develop change detection algorithms. The results and underlying data/models are made publicly available, and MapBiomas helps network partners translate the data findings into action.

Tasso is a social entrepreneur focused on forests, sustainability, and climate change. Prior to his work with MapBiomas, he was a senior leader with the Forest and Agricultural Management and Certification Institute, the National Forestry Commission, the Brazilian Forest Service, the Amazon Fund, and the Plan to Prevent and Combat Deforestation in the Amazon. He is a research associate at the Brazil Lab at Princeton University and sits on the board of many conservation focused organizations.

Henry Arnhold Fellows