Hello Tractor

Our total investment:
$200K unrestricted grants; $300K loans
Funded since 2016

Why we invest

Urbanization, and the fact that no one wants to do the back-breaking drudgery of manual labor, have depleted rural labor supply and left viable farmland idle. Mechanization helps farmers plant 40x faster at 1/3 of the cost, yet tractors often sit idle because there’s no market to serve smallholders. Hello Tractor works like Uber to get tractor services to smallholder farmers. Their inexpensive tracking device and software allow farmers and tractor owners to book connected tractors from their phones. Farmers get a critical service formerly unavailable to them, banks see an asset recovery solution, dealers and fleet owners see a fleet optimization opportunity, and government see a low-cost way to manage large-scale mechanization schemes. Hello Tractor’s technology unlocks investment to create and drive the tractor market for smallholder farmers.

Our Portfolio