Last Mile Health

Our total investment:
$3.25M unrestricted grants
Funded since 2012

Why we invest

Typical hospital-based health services fail to reach even moderately remote villages.  Last Mile Health’s community health workers are skilled, salaried, frontline professionals able to operate effectively on their own.  In Liberia, Last Mile Health used the phenomenal results from their own service sites to catalyze a national community health workforce program.  Malawi and Ethiopia are now in their sight as well.  Last Mile Health has become a leader in a hugely important shift toward professionalized community health workers worldwide.  

Last Mile Health is one of a bunch of primary healthcare organizations in Mulago’s portfolio self-organized into the Community Health Impact Coalition (CHIC). As individual organizations, they’ve each had outstanding impact and integration with their governments partners. But together they’ve created a movement that could be the impact jackpot. They speak with a louder voice when they call collectively for all community health workers to be salaried, skilled, supervised, supplied & incorporated into national strategies in order to achieve health for all.

Our Portfolio