Our total investment:
$1.1M unrestricted grants
Funded since 2020

Why we invest

Despite rising higher education levels in India, millions of people who graduate from technical and vocational programs lack the basic soft skills necessary to get hired and begin a thriving career. At the same time, local blue-collar employers struggle to find quality talent with on-the-job experience.  Medha embeds career coaching in low-resource public education institutions so that low-income youth get jobs that pay well and that they like.

Medha’s well trained counselors help students find the right career pathway, teach them employability skills - critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication - and get students quality internships so they can test out different career paths. There’s a growing Medha alumni network that provides further career opportunities and peer support. It’s a simple model that’s already being delivered by government in two states with a strategy to scale to every public institution in North India.

Our Portfolio