Our total investment:
$2.7M unrestricted grants
Funded since 2010

Why we invest

Peer-to-peer teaching and support has proven to be one of the most successful ways to prevent mother-to-baby transmission of HIV.  mothers2mothers recruits HIV+ moms (Mentor Mothers) to teach other HIV+ moms how to protect their babies from infection and keep their families healthy. They’ve virtually eliminated mom-to-baby transmission of HIV for those they serve, and they’re applying a peer support approach to new domains. Now m2m has adapted their model to address family health beyond pregnancy and birth.  Moreover, m2m is serious about scaling up success: they are teaching other organizations – ministries and big NGOs – how to adapt and use the model in their own settings.  

mothers2mothers is one of a bunch of primary healthcare organizations in Mulago’s portfolio self-organized into the Community Health Impact Coalition (CHIC). As individual organizations, they’ve each had outstanding impact and integration with their governments partners. But together they’ve created a movement that could be the impact jackpot. They speak with a louder voice when they call collectively for all community health workers to be salaried, skilled, supervised, supplied & incorporated into national strategies in order to achieve health for all.

Our Portfolio