One Heart Worldwide

Our total investment:
$2.85M unrestricted grants
Funded since 2010

Why we invest

Thousands of poor women and newborns in remote areas die every day during pregnancy and delivery.  Most of these deaths can be prevented with basic interventions. One Heart Worldwide ensures that rural pregnant women get prenatal care and have safe deliveries. They help local governments upgrade birthing centers, equip them properly, train staff and community workers, and establish good management. In Baglung, a Nepalese district of 300,000 people, the maternal mortality rate dropped 90% in three years.  With government support, One Heart has expanded sites that serve a population of 3 million people and nearly 80,000 pregnancies each year. Once the system is working well, they ratchet down their involvement and monitor results to sustain quality over the long term.

Our Portfolio