Planet Indonesia

Our total investment:
$350K unrestricted grants
Funded since 2022

Why We Invest

In many Indonesian forest and coastal communities, rapid change and bad policies have led to a classic “tragedy of the commons”, where ecosystems decline at a cost to everyone. Planet Indonesia provides communities with the tools, skills, and incentives to reverse the tragedy and effectively manage common resources to the benefit of all. At its core, they secure legal rights for communities over land and resources, and set up robust local environmental governance. They also develop resource use plans that include community led patrols, and create investment opportunities that boost community involvement and income.

They begin by addressing the universal need to improve livelihoods. The model is relatively simple on paper but requires the establishment of deep local relationships. They’ve reduced illegal activities – poaching, logging, mining –  significantly and they estimate that there is an area two thirds the size of California within reach where the same approach would be effective. 

Our Portfolio