Our total investment:
$50K unrestricted grant, $300K convertible debt
Funded since 2013

Why we invest

Most of the world’s poor farmers are caught in a low yield, low income trap: they have small, remote farms that are hard for government and banks to serve, and they underinvest in quality inputs, like seed and fertilizer, that could dramatically boost their yield and income. They underinvest because they cannot risk a poor return if rains come late or pests wipe out their crop – both now common given climate change.  Pula gets agricultural insurance products to smallholder farmers so they can invest more in their farms. They help clients - seed and fertilizer companies, NGOs, financial institutions, and government programs - design and deliver insurance products that are bundled together with seeds, fertilizer and farm loans. Input and crop yield insurance could be powerful risk mitigation tools in smallholder agriculture, particularly when coupled with Pula's farm advisory services.

Our Portfolio