Shamiri Institute

Our total investment:
$350K unrestricted grants
Funded since 2022

Why We Invest

Many adolescents in Africa (everywhere, really) struggle with mental health, but they have little-to-no resources to turn to. Shamiri has developed an effective, low-cost solution by tapping into the power of peers. Their school-based, group intervention is delivered by recent high school graduates and helps high schoolers build resilience to tackle the everyday stressors of poverty and improve their mental health.

Shamiri is tackling a major problem with a low-touch solution that seamlessly integrates into high school settings. They recruit and train recent high school graduates to deliver an evidence-based curriculum focused on growth mindset, gratitude, and value affirmation to groups of adolescents. Between in-school sessions, students deepen their understanding and application of these concepts via engaging, thoughtfully designed take-home exercises. Clinical supervisors provide oversight, ensuring more severe cases of mental health receive the necessary attention.

Our Portfolio