Our total investment:
$500K unrestricted grants
Funded since 2021

Why We Invest: 

India still struggles to get kids fully vaccinated. Suvita taps into the power of village influencers to finish the job. Every community has its “influencers”—the ones in the know about everyone and everything, the ones who serve as crucial information nodes. Suvita leverages these influencers to reach parents and ensure kids get vaccinated.

First, they ask parents over the phone to identify key influencers in their community. Then, they invite and onboard these nominees as “immunization ambassadors.” Once onboard, important information about vaccination schedules is texted to these ambassadors for them to share with parents. At the same time, Suvita sends texts directly to parents to remind them of their responsibilities. Early, rigorous studies of this model showed a big increase in vaccinations at low additional cost. Suvita is refining the model to make it an integral part of government vaccination campaigns.

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