Our total investment:
$850K unrestricted grants
Funded since 2020

Pakistan’s literacy rate is 70%.  Public schools are terrible, and poor parents often send kids to low-cost private schools, many of which aren’t much better. Taleemabad (also known as the Orenda Project) improves learning outcomes with a bundle of digital tools that can be “layered on” to these existing low-performing schools. 

Taleemabad’s digital bundle includes a curriculum with scripted lessons, an app for students with learning exercises and games to do at home, a teacher training app with game-based online modules, and an admin system that helps school managers run more successful schools. The Taleemabad team has a deep knowledge of content design, with a proven ability to deliver results - their TV broadcast and educational app is watched and used by millions of children weekly - and they have strong momentum in signing up schools to their broader bundle of products to create more impact.

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