Our total investment:
$1.05M unrestricted grants
Funded since 2019

Why we invest

Turn, developed by Praekelt.org, creates software that gives social sector organizations unprecedented interactive connection with their clients. In healthcare, this means real time, private, two-way conversations that impart information, guide people to better care, deliver nudges, and ultimately improve health. Many of the best social organizations already use text and voice message platforms to push information to clients: the ability to have a two-way conversation opens whole new worlds of impact. As data gets cheap (already a reality in India), WhatsApp and similar tools enable much more sophisticated communication, including video and personalized information. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning means that these connections can become more effective and (surprisingly) more personalized. Whatever the organization does, with Turn its relationship to clients and beneficiaries can be even richer and more productive.

Our Portfolio