Bernie Tershy

Senior Advisor

Bernie has helped Mulago source and select an outstanding class of Henry Arnhold Fellows every year since 2016.

Bernie is at his core a conservation entrepreneur. He founded Island Conservation, a California-based NGO that created over 900K hectares of new marine and island protected areas and protected over 250 seabird colonies and 250 insular endemics from extinction. 

He’s also an Adjunct Professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UC Santa Cruz, where he co-directs the Coastal Conservation Action Lab. He is a co-founder and the Board Chair of Conservation Metrics, a for-profit social venture dedicated to improving conservation through better monitoring, and serves on the board of several NGOs. Plus he’s got a Ph.D. in neurobiology and behavior from Cornell University.

Bernie is obsessed about all things related to conservation entrepreneurship, especially in oceans, and measuring conservation outcomes in low-cost, lean, and smart ways. When he’s not nerding out on measurement you can find him surfing in Santa Cruz. 

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