Andrew Youn

One Acre Fund

Big Idea: 

Why we chose Andrew as a Fellow

After a close encounter with never-enough-to-eat poverty in rural Africa, Andrew chucked his management consulting job, got an MBA, and started One Acre Fund. He previously lived in Kenya, where the One Acre HQ doubles as a poverty solutions lab for a growing community of overachievers willing to work for nothing. Now he lives in Rwanda, and oversees One Acre Fund's growth across East Africa.

75% of the poorest people in the world are farmers who have been bypassed by the Green Revolution, the emergence of global markets, and the spread of microfinance. Seeing opportunity in disparity, Andrew started One Acre Fund in Kenya and Rwanda to pioneer a new model for investing in small, rural farmers, much as microfinance has done for small urban businesses. One Acre Fund bundles together what farmers need, providing groups of farmers with training, inputs, technologies, credit and access to markets.

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