Anil Chitrakar

Kathmandu 2020

Big Idea: 

Why we chose Anil as a Fellow

Anil is a mechanical engineer by training, but a serial social entrepreneur nowadays. After leaving his home country to go to college in India, Anil served with the Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology to try and better understand how the technological revolution could improve life for the poorest people in Nepal. He came home to start the Kathmandu 2020 campaign.

Nepal is one of the world's five poorest countries. Its 17 million people, many of whom cling to the ever more precariously terraced Himalayan mountainsides for survival, are threatened by accelerating environmental damage. Every year a growing percentage of the land sweeps out to the Bay of Bengal through heavily silted rivers that, in the valleys and plains below, meander and flood ever more destructively. To move people out of poverty in his home country, Anil started the Kathmandu 2020 campaign, aimed at creating a better future for the Kathmandu valley by mobilizing its residents

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