Anna Christina Thorsheim

Family Empowerment Media

Big Idea: 
Radio campaigns to increase family planning in Nigeria

Family Empowerment Media is out to save lives and improve health in Africa with behavior-changing radio campaigns. To start, they provide information about contraception to millions over the radio in Nigeria, where 20% of global maternal deaths occur. Through extensive research and prototyping, they create engaging content in a variety of durations and formats, all tailored to local audiences to motivate behavior change.

Anna Christina is an ambitious, impact-driven entrepreneur with a commitment to evidence-based decision-making and a passion for improving health and well-being. Before starting FEM, she co-founded a health-tech startup that developed VR-based phobia treatment and worked as Head of PR at a startup incubator for for-profits aiming to achieve SDGs. Anna Christina studied Industrial Economics and Technology Management, where she specialized in computer science, AI, and applied optimization.

Rainer Arnhold Fellows