Batya Blankers

CHANCEN International

Big Idea: 

High quality skills development can transform the trajectory of a young person — and even their family — but the cost puts it way out of reach for most Africans. CHANCEN provides affordable education financing based on income sharing. They loan money for tuition and repayment doesn’t start until the graduate gets a job, and is pegged to a fixed percentage of real income. This innovative approach clears the biggest obstacle between talented African students and the education that can change everything.

Batya began her career in Arts & Culture - she worked in NGOs connecting young people to theatre and dance. She then transitioned to for-profit, leading project management and business development for tech companies in South Africa and Germany. Batya studied economics, earned an MBA from African Leadership University, and started Chancen three years ago to get higher education to the people who need it most.

Rainer Arnhold Fellows