Benjamin Omondi Mboya

Ujamaa Africa

Big Idea: 
Sexual violence prevention training across Africa

An estimated 45% of African women experience some form of sexual violence in their lifetime; 50% of those are under 16. Ujamaa developed a simple solution that teaches girls to recognize and avoid predators and defend themselves if necessary. Numerous rigorous studies show that rape drops 40-50% where their program is delivered. Ujamaa works in schools across Kenya, Malawi, Somalia, and South Sudan.

Benjamin is the Executive Director of Ujamaa Africa. Over the past 7 years, he has co-authored several research papers in collaboration with No Means No Kenya, Johns Hopkins University, Stanford, and USIU studying the effectiveness of IMpower and ETT, both skills-based, dual-gender approaches for preventing violence. In addition to an undergraduate degree in public health, Benjamin holds a Masters in Biostatistics. Prior to joining Ujamaa, he worked with the US Army Medical Research Unit in Nairobi and at the KEMRI Wellcome Trust.

Rainer Arnhold Fellows