Divya Kamerkar

Pinky Promise

Big Idea: 
AI-powered women's healthcare in India

Pinky Promise aims to provide affordable, instant, and reliable sexual and reproductive healthcare to every Indian woman. Their symptom checker chatbot is powered by algorithms to map symptoms and medical history with diagnoses. Pinky Promise also offers consultations with gynecologists, pathology and tests delivered to the doorstep, and chatrooms for community support. 

Divya is a biologist and Global Health Fellow from Yale University. When she was 16, she was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and realized that most reproductive health conditions like hers were poorly understood despite their prevalence. Since then, she has worked at the intersection of gender and healthcare in Tanzania, Delhi, the MENA region, and South-East Asia. She co-founded Pinky Promise to enable women to benefit from high quality, reliable and affordable care at scale!

Rainer Arnhold Fellows