Edith Elliott

Noora Health

Big Idea: 

Why we chose Edith as a Fellow

With a background in global health research and a passion for meeting users where they are, Edith has found that the best solutions are often the most simple and overlooked. After a course at Stanford, Edith, along with her co-founders, spent time in India studying the healthcare system and behaviors to build Noora Health.

In poor countries, families play a much bigger role in health care for their loved ones, both in the hospital and after they have gone home. Families often have no idea what to do, which leads to worse outcomes for the patient and represents a huge waste of potential. Noora Health gets a patient's family out of the waiting room and into the classroom, teaching families what they need to know about things like wound care, simple physical therapy and proper medication dosing. With this simple intervention, Noora Health has shown a 36% decrease in complications after surgery and 24% reduction in patients who are re-admitted.

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