Emiliano Mroue

West African Rice Company

Big Idea: 

Smallholder farming is a complicated way to make a living. Get one thing wrong and you go broke. WARC stacks the deck for farmers by providing key inputs — machinery, seeds, safe chemical application, and training — as an integrated service. WARC’s methods are much more environmentally sound so farmers grow more food and make more money while regenerating the agricultural land and soil for a more fertile and prosperous future. Everybody wins.

Emiliano grew up in Argentina. He studied international management and business, and worked in corporate purchasing at Henkel, a German chemical and consumer goods company. After an impromptu visit to Sierra Leone, he had the idea to apply his corporate skills and the best of Argentina’s approach to agriculture to improve the lives of farming families. He founded WARC in 2011.

Rainer Arnhold Fellows