John Rendel


Big Idea: 

During university, John took a trip to East Africa and immediately saw the need for low-cost, high-quality secondary schools. He quickly founded the first PEAS school, and quickly immersed himself in the Teach First program and taught secondary-school math for two years in the UK. Once he learned what he could about secondary school systems, he left the classroom in 2006 and dedicated himself to PEAS.

Secondary school is not assumed for most children living in developing countries. Even when a child is accepted into and able to attend school, the education they receive is often so poor that they'll end up with the same job as peers who didn't attend more formal schooling. PEAS is expanding access to high-quality secondary education in Uganda and Zambia. They establish and operate low-cost secondary schools in East and Southern Africa in areas where access to quality education is limited by cost and geographical barriers. Since opening its first schools in 2008, the PEAS network has grown to 26 schools, reaching over 11,000 students.

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