Klubosumo Johnson Borh


Big Idea: 
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for hardcore youth rehabilitation in Liberia.

Cities in post-conflict fragile states struggle to contend with violent crime, especially among young men. The Network for Empowerment & Progressive Initiative (NEPI) delivers cognitive behavioral therapy alongside a cash transfer to hardcore street criminals in Liberia. They target the young men - usually ex-combatants - who commit the vast majority of total crime, and deliver a two-month group behavior therapy program that includes 1:1 counselling, mentoring, practical assignments, and a surprise $200 cash transfer upon completion. They’ve got solid evidence from an RCT that it drastically reduces the incidence of violence, and helps reintegrate young men back into their communities.

Since the 14 years of civil war in Liberia, Johnson has devoted his life to reducing crime and violence among youth. To this end he has implemented projects across Africa, India and in the U.S. He earned his MSc. Degree in Social Entrepreneur Administration from Columbia in New York. 

Rainer Arnhold Fellows