Koketso Moeti


Big Idea: 
Escalatory advocacy in South Africa

amandla.mobi powers campaigns that build power and reduce poverty for low-income Black women. They’ve developed a platform to mobilize communities to take actions — like signing a petition, recruiting others, donating, or organizing a demonstration — that provide the motivation for government and private companies to adopt the policies and practices they seek.

Koketso has worked in civic activism for many years. She currently serves as the Founding Executive Director of amandla.mobi, which is dedicated to low-income Black women. She is of and for that community — and as a lifelong organizer of organizers, she is focused on connecting local activists to each other. If she’s not working, she’s probably writing — you can find her articles published in Project Syndicate, NPR, and The Guardian, among others.

Rainer Arnhold Fellows