Mark Arnoldy


Big Idea: 

Why we chose Mark as a Fellow

In college, Mark developed a deep love for Nepal: he worked closely with a Nepali social entrepreneur for three years creating an innovative way to treat malnourished children, and he helped create two businesses that supported nutrition programs there. During his time in Nepal, he realized the need to fix a broken healthcare system throughout the country, and quickly joined the team at Possible to change the status quo.

Governments in poor countries want to provide good healthcare, but systems are broken and the pieces -- infrastructure, people, and supply chains -- work inefficiently when they work at all. Possible supplies the missing ingredient: high-quality management. Possible has taken over the health care system in a remote district in Western Nepal, and early results demonstrate the tremendous potential that good management can play. We think that there may be a very big future for outsourced management of government healthcare systems.

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