Merlia Shaukath

Madhi Foundation

Big Idea: 
Level-based foundational learning in India

Madhi Foundation improves learning outcomes for children in India, with a focus on foundational learning. They provide teacher training and coaching, redesign teaching and learning materials, engage parents around their child’s learning levels, track learning goals and progress for each child, deliver tech-enabled learning, and integrate data systems for decision making and accountability.

Merlia was born and raised in Chennai, India and grew up acutely aware of the privileges her education afforded her. Her experience with Teach For India and as an education policy consultant reaffirmed her belief in the need to address the foundational learning crisis in India. Ultimately, this led to the creation of the Madhi Foundation. Merlia also serves as the Chief Management Partner for Tamil Nadu State’s Foundational Learning Mission.

Rainer Arnhold Fellows