Muhammad Mustafa

Mauqa Online

Big Idea: 

If you can’t read, it’s hard to look for a decent job. Mauqa provides respectable work and a livable wage to low-income, often non-literate people in Pakistan. They’ve created a tech-platform (Uber-ish) that non-literate gig workers can use to find jobs (cleaners, cooks, eldercare). Their platform connects workers, mostly women, with the customers safely, securely and easily. Mauqa also covers soft skills training, transportation, simple benefits and 2-way ratings, leading to workers with a higher and more reliable income.

Muhammad has over 10 years of marketing and management experince, including managing brand and communications for leading telecommunications companies in Pakistan. He has an MS in Management from Stanford Business School. He co-founded Mauqa with his wife, who happens to be a rocket scientist.

Rainer Arnhold Fellows