Namya Mahajan

Rocket Learning

Big Idea: 
Home-based early childhood development in India

Low-income children in India do not have access to adequate early childhood education. Rocket Learning prepares children for school and life with play-based learning content. They partner with daycare workers and primary school teachers to set up WhatsApp groups for parents of 3-8 year old children. The Rocket Learning bot sends out bite-sized videos that help caregivers engage children. Caregivers receive real-time behavioral nudges and rewards to encourage them.

Namya discovered her passion for social entrepreneurship when she co-founded Rocket Learning. Prior to the launch of Rocket Learning, her career included a mix of research and management consulting experience. During her time at Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA) Foundation, she deepened her understanding of the informal economy/women’s movements in India. Namya has an MBA and BA in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University

Rainer Arnhold Fellows