Nikki Okrah

Chaku Foods

Big Idea: 
Map tech to predict and aggregate harvests in Ghana

Chaku Foods’s mission is to build wealth for African smallholder farmers. Chaku Foods’s mapping technology uses AI to predict the volume and timing of harvest for tree-crops like plantains. These predictions will reduce crop waste, make supply chains more consistent, and ultimately put more money in the pockets of the farmers growing the food.

Nikki is an entrepreneur innovating at the intersection of food, agriculture, and technology. Prior to founding Chaku Foods, she interned at Google and worked on solving global payment challenges at Visa, working across the US, Africa, Middle East and Central Europe. Her experiences inspired her to use technology to solve pressing problems faced by smallholder farmers. She moved back to Ghana to do just that by launching Chaku Foods. She received her MBA at Harvard, where Chaku Foods won the Harvard President’s Innovation Challenge (PIC) in 2021.

Rainer Arnhold Fellows