Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu

Smallholders Foundation

Big Idea: 

Why we chose Nnaemeka as a Fellow

As a young rural development worker, Nnaemeka saw the daunting problems and remarkable opportunities of Nigeria's agriculture first-hand. Realizing the power of radio to reach a far-flung rural population, he established a community radio station for smallholder farmers in Imo State, Nigeria.

75% of the poorest people in the world are farmers who have been bypassed by the Green Revolution, the emergence of global markets, and the spread of microfinance. Knowing that the biggest missing piece in his native Nigeria is simply information, Nnamaeka started a radio station to deliver agricultural extension in a way that is accessible and entertaining. Smallholders Foundation delivers farmers the information they need to succeed, by using a popular radio station to broadcast agricultural and environmental techniques and information.

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