Nneka Mobisson

mDoc Healthcare

Big Idea: 
Virtual self-care health coaching in Nigeria.

mDoc uses behavioral science and digital technology to manage chronic diseases in Nigeria. They make it easier for people to manage their noncommunicable diseases (diabetes, hypertension, obesity, anemia) through an app on their phones. Patients get advice and nudges on simple healthy lifestyle habits and input key metrics so they know if it’s working. Preventative health behaviors are hard to keep up so mDoc also connects patients to virtual coaches and in-person hubs. The coaches build trust with patients and help them navigate the complex clinical systems and ensure lasting lifestyle changes.

Nneka is an engineer turned pediatrician with an MPH and an MBA. Prior to mDoc, Nneka was Executive Director for Africa at Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), a leading global health organization focused on healthcare quality improvement and before that spent time at McKinsey working on strategy development for healthcare payers and providers.

Rainer Arnhold Fellows