Noam Angrist

Youth Impact

Big Idea: 

Why we chose Noam as a Fellow

Noam Angrist is a research-loving and impact-obsessed social entrepreneur. After conducting research at the University of Botswana, he was motivated to address the social challenges he saw every day -- namely sugar daddies and rampant HIV infection. Noam chose to tackle this issue by taking a proven intervention from a five year-old RCT, previously collecting dust on a shelf, and turning it into a scalable intervention.

In Botswana, 45% of older men are infected with HIV. Yet, youth often guess that older men are safer partners. Busting this myth, that "sugar daddies" -- older men who give young girls gifts in exchange for unprotected sex -- are safer, can have huge impact. A randomized trial in Kenya showed that a simple class revealing the relative HIV risk of older partners reduced pregnancy, also a proxy for unprotected sex and HIV transmission, by 28% in just one year. Young 1ove connects youth with proven life-saving information to maximize agency and healthy futures for the worlds’ most vulnerable girls. Young 1ove has a core mandate to scale evidence-based messages by youth, for youth. Already, Young 1ove has reached 32,000 youth and is aiming to reach 5 million girls in the next three years for scaled impact.

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