Oluwasoga Oni

MDaaS Global

Big Idea: 

If you're sick but can’t get the proper tests, it’s difficult to receive the right diagnosis and treatment. There is an ever-growing array of low-cost technologies to take the guessing out of diagnoses, but hospitals and clinics don’t have or can’t maintain them. MDaaS centers provide a broad range of diagnostic tests at low cost — it’s a one-stop diagnostic shop for patients from clinics and hospitals throughout the surrounding area. MDaaS ensures that state-of-the-art technology reaches everyone to drive the right diagnoses that will lead to the right treatment and improve health for all.

Oluwasoga started his career as a software engineer in Nigeria. He went on to earn an MA in Computer Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology and an MA in System Design and Management from MIT. During a visit to a Nigerian hospital, he stumbled into a room filled with old, broken medical equipment and after a lot of homework, he launched MDasS to assure access to technology that works.

Rainer Arnhold Fellows