Richa Gupta


Big Idea: 
Socio-emotional learning within the core curriculum in India

Labhya enables Indian children to cope with poverty and become effective, lifelong learners. They work with the government to embed daily classes focused on socio-emotional learning and mindfulness into Indian public schools' core curriculum.

Richa is an educator and entrepreneur. After spending about a decade teaching in low-income communities across India, Richa began Labhya with her co-founders Vedant and Malika in a rural service learning retreat. She holds a Masters in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Before co-founding Labhya, Richa worked with organizations like Teach for India and Teach For All. Richa also serves on the board of UNICEF India and works with the UN headquarters in New York as a Young Leader for the SDGs, one of only 17 selected globally.

Rainer Arnhold Fellows