Rushil Palavajjhala

Bandhu Tech

Big Idea: 
A digital platform to connect urban migrants to jobs and housing in India.

In India 200M people are migrant workers, many of whom leave home without trusted information about jobs and housing. This makes it easy for middlemen and landlords to take a big cut of their hard work. Bandhu is an online platform that matches migrant workers with jobs-that-pay and bundles them with affordable, proximate housing. A worker can compare and decide when, where, or even whether to migrate – and know how much money they’ll earn, save, and be able to send back home.

Rushil started work on Bandhu while doing his Master’s degree on Urban/City Planning at MIT. He also received a Fulbright Scholarship for the project. Before that he trained as an architect and has worked extensively on affordable housing and large urban projects in India and other developing countries.

Rainer Arnhold Fellows