Safeena Husain

Educate Girls

Big Idea: 

Why we chose Safeena as a Fellow

Safeena has found the perfect nexus between her economics background and her understanding of urban underserved communities. After fifteen years of experience working with grassroots projects in Ecuador, Mexico, Bolivia, and South Africa, Safeena returned to India to create the solution to a problem that is closest to her heart – that of girls education.

India provides public education to 95% of the country, but in some areas, girls are still left out. Educate Girls sends community volunteers door-to-door to get families to send their girls to school, then works with school and communities so that the girls get a better education when they get there. The schools are there and the problem is finite: the organization's rapid and efficient growth means that they may be able to definitively solve the problem in India.

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