Samina Bano

RightWalk Foundation

Big Idea: 
Targeted policy advocacy and implementation to activate India's welfare schemes

RightWalk Foundation aims to uplift the poorest Indian Households to dignified, sustainable living. They activate the country’s existing, but inefficient, welfare schemes through targeted policy advocacy and implementation. RightWalk’s flagship program gave a jumpstart to India's Right to Education scheme in Uttar Pradesh, and they’re already expanding to new programs and new geographies. As she continues to progress, Samina aims to broaden RightWalk’s initiatives into health and livelihood sectors, assisting households to escape the poverty cycle and attain sustainability.

Motivated by her personal encounters with social inequity and backed by a degree in Computer Science and an MBA, Samina established the RightWalk Foundation in 2017. Her mission is to unlock public funds and ensure effective delivery of public entitlements to the last mile to mitigate societal disparities.

Rainer Arnhold Fellows