Sara Saeed Khurrum

Sehat Kahani

Big Idea: 

Sehat Kahani uses telemedicine and a network of female doctors to get primary care to everyone, including women and the poor, in Pakistan. They recruit qualified doctors (often highly-qualified women doctors stuck in their homes) for virtual consultations with patients that are affordable and convenient. They connect patients - who often have no other access to doctors - to trusted physicians through e-clinics run by trained nurses and other frontline health workers, and manage their workforce to a high standard. Patients finally get care that is quick, accurate and effective.

Sara is a trained medical doctor. After her wedding and the birth of her daughter, she was expected to give up her career to stay at home as a “doctor-bride”, a term used to refer to married female doctors. Knowing first hand of the shortage of medical professionals serving the poor, she launched Sehat Kahani to tap into the supply of high-quality female doctors aspiring to have a family and work.

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