Quarterly Links: COVID Edition

Some COVID related stuff for doers and funders obsessed with impact at scale.

Some more practical financial crisis guidance for social ventures
Consistent cash advice from Rippleworks. Andy and Doug are 2 leaders who have had to navigate several crisis moments, from market downturns, fundraising crunches, to major layoffs. They cover working capital, scenario planning, cutting costs, layoffs, raising capital, and your role as leader.
Medium (13 minutes)

Some stuff on remote work

  • KnowYourTeam: This comprehensive guide of best practices for managing remote teams, based on data from 297 remote managers and employees.
  • CustomerThink: 10 best practices to help you embrace the new way of working.
  • MorningBrew: Guide to living your best quarantined life.
  • Apollo Agriculture: rapidly moved their call center to remote work. Their CEO Eli Pollak breaks down how they systematically made the transition.
  • Mulago Zoomology: Zoom was our second home before the whole world moved in – here’s some stuff we learned along the way.
Money walks

COVID stops many migrants sending money home
The second and third order effects of this crisis are going to disproportionately effect the poorest people.
The Economist (4 minutes)

A global food crisis looms
The world food program estimate that 265 million people could be pushed to starvation by end of 2020 (doubling current figure of 135 million people facing current acute food shortages)
New York Times (13 minutes)

In low-income settings and displaced populations: what can realistically be done?
Practical advice on how to shield populations in the poorest places.
London School of Tropical Medicine (12 minutes)

Where the relief money is
This searchable inventory of emergency funds available by the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) at Duke University is for non-profit and for-profit entrepreneurs and contains global capital relief offers worth over $1 trillion (it includes a bunch of government stimulus).

Hammer and dance

The hammer and the dance
A lot of people have read these pieces by Thomas Pueyo. It's nice to have them in one place. They're still some of the most clear and cogent things we've read on COVID.
The hammer and the dance (30 minutes)
Learning how to dance (20 minutes)
The basic dance steps everybody can follow (15 minutes)
How to do testing and contact tracing (40 minutes)