Equalize Health

Our total investment:
$2.4M unrestricted grants
Funded since 2008

Why we invest

Equalize Health designs world-class, affordable health devices for the poor and uses established distribution networks to get them to the people who need them most. They close health gaps through the direct impact of their products and — as they show that underserved markets can be reached and profitable — by crowding in other quality devices to increase treatment availability.

Many organizations claim to develop effective medical devices for poor people.  Few design well and even fewer get their products into broad distribution: Equalize Health does.  Their flagship products are a suite of affordable phototherapy devices to treat infant jaundice (#1 cause of infant hospitalization), and new products in development are a newborn CPAP (to help newborns in respiratory distress breathe) and a blood monitoring device to prevent postpartum hemorrhage (the leading direct cause of maternal death worldwide — and preventable in 93% of cases).

Our Portfolio