Krista Donaldson


Big Idea: 

Why we chose Krista as a Fellow

Krista Donaldson is a design engineer who has long been obsessed with how technology can improve people's lives. Working in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Krista saw that technological solutions to development problems were a small part of ensuring sustainable impact. She was also troubled by the perception that the best technologies for poor people were "low tech" or that clever solutions could be silver bullets. She returned to Silicon Valley to leverage the state-of-the-art technology R&D, market forces and a strong global network to create world-class products that improve lives of people living less than $4 per day.

The 4 billion people who live on less than $4 per day engage in the market, purchasing products that bring them value. It is not viable however for for-profit enterprises to develop world-class products for bottom of the pyramid users. Working with a global network of partners, D-Rev designs and delivers transformative products that enable people to lift themselves out of poverty. D-Rev undertakes extensive due diligence -- understanding user needs, the competitive landscape, the market and price points, and local infrastructures -- in parallel with rapid prototyping to create world-class products that have measurable impact for at least one million people.

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